Customize and Train ChatGPT

OpenAI's ChatGPT is an incredible AI (artificial intelligence) tool for working with text. ChatGPT uses a general language model, trained using hundreds of billions of words from the Internet. But it can also be customized for more specific purposes.

TrainMyAI is a growing set of simple tools to customize and train ChatGPT:

  • Knowledge Base: Build a knowledge base from some text, then chat to ask it questions. This uses a GPT feature called embeddings.
  • Private Knowledge Base: Deploy a robust and scalable knowledge base within your organization, with a web interface and/or private API.
  • Fine Tuner: Create a fine-tuned GPT-3 model from a training set of prompts and responses, then query the model with new prompts.
  • Q&A Generator: Generate a large number of questions and answers from some text. These can be used to train the Fine Tuner.

Most of these tools are free and open source. They run entirely within your web browser, so we never see your key or data. They can also be downloaded as standalone web pages to run on your computer or forked on Github.

TrainMyAI is new and developing rapidly, so feedback is welcome.