TrainMyAI includes a private JSON-RPC API for easy integration of your AI chat into mobile or other applications. Each TrainMyAI user can be optionally granted API access in the web interface and manages their own API key. A TrainMyAI user's API operations are restricted based on their granted permissions.

The API for TrainMyAI 1.2 supports the following operations:

  • Creating a knowledge base.
  • Adding content to a knowledge base from text, a URL or PDF/DOC/DOCX file.
  • Searching the content of a knowledge base.
  • Listing the knowledge bases and chat methods available to the user.
  • Creating, continuing and rating an interactive chat and its messages.
  • Getting information about existing chats, their messages and references.

For more information, download the docs in OpenAPI format or view them in Swagger now.

Getting help

If you encounter any problems with the TrainMyAI API, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.