A full license for TrainMyAI (self-hosted) is priced at US $5,000/year (ChatGPT only) or $6,000/year (ChatGPT and Llama 3). This price includes up to 5 separate knowledge bases – each additional knowledge base costs $500/year.

The price includes assistance with initial installation, ongoing email support and all updates for the year. There is no limit on the number of users or conversations. If you are using ChatGPT (remote language models), you will also be charged by OpenAI or Azure for your API requests – see language models for more information.

We also offer a managed version of the product, where we take care of the hosting for you, and you can migrate to your own server at any time. Pricing depends on knowledge base size, models required and expected activity.

Please contact us to purchase a license or for more information.